Introducing Creative Kickstart: A Video Series with Brooks Professional Photography Faculty Chris Orwig

February 22, 2013 General, Photography 0 Comments

Creativity and technique are equally as important when it comes to producing meaningful creative work, says Chris Orwig, best-selling author and Professional Photography faculty at Brooks Institute.

But can you learn how to become more creative?

That’s the goal of the Creative Kickstart video series we’re lanching today. In each episode, Chris shares an exercise – or an anecdote, or an idea – meant to stir up creativity and inspire fresh approaches to your work, be it in photography or another media.

Every Friday, we’ll share a new video to help you grow and move forward in the creative process.

In Creative Kickstart #1, Chris discusses how to create work that’s more meaningful to others by making it more meaningful to yourself. How does this approach resonate with you? How else do you make your work more interesting, more personal, more specific to who you are? Tell us in the comments below. (Comments will publish the next day.)

Besides teaching courses including Marketing and Media, Creative Digital Imaging, Digital Asset Management and Celebrity Portraiture in the Professional Photography program at Brooks Institute, Chris Orwig is a best-selling author on topics including creativity, Photoshop, Lightroom and visual thinking. He also regularly creates and conducts courses on these topics for


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