Dawn DeCicco

Email: ddecicco@Brooks.edu Dawn DeCicco

Liberal Arts

Dawn DeCicco earned her BA in Liberal Studies from CSU Chico in 1997 and her MA in Education at the UC Santa Cruz in 2001. Dawn joined the Brooks Institute as a full-time faculty member in 2001 and is a Learning Specialist and instructor in the Liberal Arts department.

She currently teaches math fundamentals. Integrating academic resources in the campus community is very important to Dawn, and she meets regularly with faculty and staff across academic departments in a collaborative effort to help maximize the support services offered to students. She helped establish a learning center and trains and supervises student tutors.

Dawn works closely with students throughout their general education studies, including those with documented or perceived learning differences. One of her primary goals is to build upon students’ individual learning styles to enable them to succeed in their undergraduate studies.

Dawn has a multiple subject teaching credential with an emphasis in cross cultural, language and academic development from the California Teacher Credentialing Commission. She has 13 years’ teaching experience across general subjects, including at the elementary level, and her pedagogical field of interest is developmental education.